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All shortwave stations are listed with owner, exact location, transmitter power, antenna characteristics, etc

Domestic shortwave stations are prohibited by the FCC from targeting areas within the United States. They must target listeners in other nations. Here are the target zones for each station's frequencies. Also listed are transmitter power and antenna azimuth. Azimuth is the direction of maximum antenna gain, expressed in degrees clockwise from north. Thus 0 degrees is north, 90 degrees is due east, 180 degrees is due south, 270 degrees is due west, etc.

Shortwave broadcasters are required to direct their signal to certain parts of the world. These maps show numbered target zones for each area of the globe. For example Zone 08 is the eastern United States, Zone 28 is Central Europe, etc.

Wikipedia article on domestic shortwave broadcasting.

This site shows a world map with SW stations, frequencies, times on air, and much more. Highly recommended as the place to go for info on shortwave stations

Great site for SW news and schedules.

Shortwave news and propagation reports.

Lots of radio info compiled by ham operator AC6V.

Radio legend Glenn Hauser hosts a weekly broadcast about radio with an emphasis on shortwave. His podcast is available on this site.

Veteran radio personality and broadcast engineer Ted Randall hosts a talk show about ham radio. Lots of shortwave listeners tune into his show.

HFCC (High Frequency Coordination Conference) manages shortwave frequencies to avoid interference between stations.

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters promotes shortwave broadcasting in the U.S.

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