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DRM - Digital Radio Mondiale

Present-day analog shortwave radio is occasionally plagued with static caused by lightning or other locally generated noises. But the biggest problem with these transmissions is a phenomenon called phase shifting. Caused by constantly changing atmospheric conditions, phase shifting causes garbled audio so common to shortwave listening. As a result the spoken word can be become temporarily unintelligible. And often music sounds horrible over shortwave radio. But all that is about to change. No more static or garbled sound with the new standard called DRM. Digital Radio Mondiale (mondiale is French for "worldwide") is the future of shortwave radio. And since DRM transmissions are digital, stations can transmit text and still pictures along with the audio program. DRM is being transmitted by dozens of shortwave stations around the world. But you will need a new digital radio to receive DRM broadcasts. Although few DRM receivers are currently available, manufacturers are gearing up to produce inexpensive digital radios. We predict that DRM will replace analog over the next few years to usher in a new age of shortwave listening.

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