Worldwide there are appoximately 2.5 billion radios capable of receiving shortwave. Much of the world relies on this medium for news, information, and music. Shortwave radio is available where no other radio service exists. Many countries of the world have there own shortwave services.
Your local AM radio station may have a daytime service area that extends to a 50 mile radius from the transmitter. That's less than 8,000 square miles of coverage. Most AM stations (except clear channel stations) must reduce their coverage at night.
But a strategically placed shortwave station may have a coverage area of 1,000,000 square miles (day and night). Such a station may reach hundreds of millions of listeners. Whereas much of the world listens to shortwave broadcasts, relatively few listeners reside in the United States. Although there are several shortwave stations in the U.S., by law they must target listeners outside the United States. Still we can tune in to domestic and foreign shortwave stations. This site is dedicated to enhancing your shortwave listening experience.

This month's shortwave program is "The Power Hour" with host Joyce Riley. We shot this short promo at her booth at the Get Prepared EXPO in Springfield, MO in September. The Power Hour airs on WWCR live each weekday morning from 7:00-10:00 Central time on 7.490 MHz and 13.845 MHz. The program is replayed Monday through Friday on 4.840 MHz from 2:00-5:00 each morning.
NEWS FLASH: WWCR ANNOUNCES INTENTION TO TEST DRM. Shortwave station WWCR plans to purchase a DRM modulator to begin testing digital broadcasting. Operations Manager, Brady Murray and Frequency Manager, Dr. Jerry Plummer made the announcement on the station's regular feature "Ask WWCR." The current program (#371) is scheduled for broadcast during the time period from September 8th through September 21st, 2012. Dr. Plummer indicated the modulator may cost as much as $40,000. Both men also incorrectly stated that "there are no receivers" for DRM. Of course the NewStar DR-111 is available (I own one!). I encourage all you DRM enthusiasts to IMMEDIATELY contact Brady Murray and Dr. Jerry Plummer to express your support for this effort. Certainly WWCR would appreciate an army of listeners to monitor the digital transmissions.
You may listen to this edition of "Ask WWCR" here. Direct your email correspondence to